“SOS Stage”: " An exemplary work "!

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Lundi, 4 Juin, 2012

Abdelhak Kachouri, Vice-President of the “Regional Council of Ile-de-France” (Greater Paris area) is in charge of the citizenship, the municipal policy and the security.  He is a strong supporter of “Action SOS Stage” (SOS Training Course Action) and explains why the Greater Paris area has chosen to support this action, which was set by the “Fédération Nationale des Maisons Des Potes”.

What can you tel us about solidarity in the Greater Paris area?

The youth of the Greater Paris area’s urban neighbourhoods has been facing the crisis for many years. Its consequences are much serious in our neighbourhoods. The unemployment rate is particularly high. Fortunately, associations and the local authorities act in favour of the citizens in many working-class districts of the Greater Paris area, more particularly in favour of youth in order to give it support, help and motivation. There are active associations and liable local authorities who bring new hope to young people. The Greater Paris area is there to accompany all those civic-minded players with this cohesive process.

What was the reaction of the Greater Paris area to the creation of SOS Training Course?

When the project started in 2010, the Greater Paris area supported SOS Training Course. How could it be otherwise! As a matter of fact, this project affects a major issue that is the difficulty of some young people to find training places, which may lead them to give up. Thus, the proposed approach seemed to be exemplary!

SOS Training Course Action is a web platform…

Each year, the Greater Paris area gives a USB stick to each secondary school student of the Greater Paris area. So, they are given an essential tool and information about themselves. Today, we know that the Internet is an inescapable medium for young people of course, but not only for them. So once again, we have found on the SOS Training Course web platform all the relevance of such a tool. The advantage of this platform is the direct follow up of the evolution of the dialog between the apprentice and his/her supervisor.

SOS Training Course is given in priority to some students.

Symbolically, the federation chose vocational school Pierre-Mendès France in Villiers-le-Bel. It is obviously a very strong signal for having started where the urban riots broke out some years ago. That is what all is at stake: how to help young people from working-class districts getting out of the slump society left them. The concept of SOS Training Course is a concept of the future and that is why the Greater Paris area decided to help this project.

What do you think of this tool to fight discriminations?

We know that students from vocational schools suffer from multiple discriminations.

SOS Training Course Action is a tool to connect students and companies and therefore enables to erase those discriminations, particularly by making applications anonymous. It is all the more efficient that it allows the Greater Paris area’s corporate citizens to show they are fighting against name, origin or territory discriminations. Thus, we are encouraging companies to stick to formula SOS Training Course. The initiative of the « Fédération Nationale des Maisons Des Potes » is an initiative to be welcomed and to be made sustainable.

Abdelhak Kachouri

Comments coordinated by “Pote à Pote”

Traduit par  Sylvie Segui

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